Vision, mission and guiding principles

150 Years of Excellence

Today, 150 years after its establishment, the Wayne State University School of Medicine is still fueled by the passion for its community and dedication to urban clinical excellence. 



Wayne State University School of Medicine faculty and staff will graduate a diverse group of physicians and biomedical scientists who will transform the promise of equal health into a reality for all.


We will educate a diverse student body in an urban setting and within a culture of inclusion, through high-quality education, clinical excellence, pioneering research, local investment in our community and innovative technology, to prepare physician and biomedical scientific leaders to achieve health and wellness for our society.

Curriculum revision guiding principles

  • We will prepare health care leaders and advocates dedicated to transforming the promise of equal health care for all.
  • We will do so through a culture of continuous quality improvement to provide our students with an enhanced, experiential and exceptional curriculum.